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Marc Corsi knows how to find that critical edge in the marketplace that positions his clients above the competition. He builds relationships, develops partnerships and focuses on solutions. Marc crafts finely tuned communications. 

From campaigns for tech giant Hewlett-Packard to entertainment leaders,  Marc’s work is local and global. A few of his memorable and creative campaigns for the Oakland Raiders, BART and the deYoung Museum were the talk of the town. 

When it comes to solving problems, Corsi knows what to do -  from who to call to how to create results for his clients.  

A savvy adviser, Corsi’s high-level network in San Francisco, California, the United States and around the world, gives him the credentials to engage in meaningful conversations with all industries and verticals, members of the press, advertising networks, CEOs, and government leaders. Marc knows how to find common ground in some of the most uncommon situations. 

Unique Talent. Experience. Strategy. Impact. Results.

What We Do


CORSI provides a scope of services to organizations interested in creating the experience through communications that helps define and distinguish your brand. We are unique in that we blend multiple touch points, of all five senses, into one singular positive sensation and lasting memory that is designed to support and elevate your initiative and brand. We provide insightful evaluations and assessments that deliver solutions, which are designed to seamlessly integrate with your organization's DNA and brand. Our approach leverages all available resources and blends them with our expertise to help design and build self-sustaining procedures and processes that shape a unique and signature experience.

*Advertising     *Media Relations     *Public Relations     *Social Media     *Creative Services     *Production Company         

*Civic Engagement     *Government Relations     *Influence Relations     *Political Strategy     *Registered Lobbyist      

*Public Affairs     *Public Awareness Campaigns     *Reputation Management    *Crisis Communications     *Executive Visibility          

*High Profile Special Events     *Master of Ceremonies    *Special Business Initiatives Upon Request     *Strategic Partnerships

How We Work


A full spectrum communications firm that integrates defined process, multi-disciplinary strategy and creativity to deliver success, customized marketing, communications and business solutions to clients. 

We have enough experience, awards, drive and desire to propel our clients anywhere that they want to go. Our difference lives in the company we keep on regional, national and international levels.  

Warren Buffet once said, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.  If you think about that, you'll do things differently." 

- at CORSI we do. What's the difference, then?  

 Marc Corsi says; "Many organizations offer full-service, so what makes one better than the other? Specific experience. People.  Philosophy.  Style.  Creative. Strategic Thinking. Attention to Detail.   And one thing more - Respect. CORSI respects our clients' knowledge and judgment. And our clients treat us as a partner, not just a vendor.  That's the key.  Any relationship built on mutual respect just has to be successful."

The CORSI approach is simple, we are both client-centric and employee-centric.  Our employees and strategic partners are experienced, dynamic, knowledgeable, intelligent and value personal, professional and organizational growth.  Our team members value and recognize their own contributions to our clients, the organization and themselves

"What Clients Say"

Joseph R. Fink


"I'm writing to extend my profound appreciation and deepest gratitude for creating The California Governor’s Debate. It exceeded my expectations and was an exceptional success. “Not only did you conceive the whole idea, you created what is undoubtedly the most important event in Dominican’s century-long history.”

— Joseph R. Fink, Emeritos President of Dominican University of California

James Edmund Datri


"Marc Corsi is one of the most multi-talented individuals I have ever met. Marc has been enormously valuable to the American Advertising Federation across multiple projects, from bringing his vast governmental connections at the local and state levels to the table to help us protect our industry's interests in California and the West; to using his expertise in events planning to help us make our 25th Anniversary Hall of Achievement event in San Francisco a huge success; to making important connections and introductions for us in the ad tech community in the Bay Area. There doesn't seem to be anyone Marc can't reach. Marc is one of those people who knows how to make big, successful things happen." 

— James Edmund Datri, President & CEO, American Advertising Federation

Former SF Mayor Willie Brown


"Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged enough to attend numerous functions and black-tie events with Marc Corsi, from Edgewood’s unforgettable Hope Ball to the Landsman. Without hesitation, I would consider Marc the premier relationship person,event planner and host that I have worked with. Simply put, Marc delivers the awe-inspiring. He specializes in exceeding expectations, and does so every time.”

— Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown

Wilkes Bashford


"As a frequenter of social events, I’ve had the genuine pleasure of attending and working with Marc Corsi at a variety of premier functions from opening-night galas to San Francisco’s special events and other grand affairs. I can honestly say that every event that I’ve attended that Marc Corsi has been associated with has been absolutely fabulous, most memorable and top shelf all the way.”

— Wilkes Bashford, Founder Wilkes Bashford


Bishop William E. Swing


"I gave Corsi an unbelievable me save St. Luke's Hospital. Marc and his leadership delivered nothing short of extraordinary."

— Bishop William E. Swing, St. Luke's Hospital

Joanne Hayes-White


"As the City of San Francisco’s Fire Chief, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to a number of memorable events – from fundraisers to black-tie affairs – that strive to benefit the community in a variety of capacities. During these special functions, I’ve had the opportunity to not only meet but get to know and work with Marc Corsi. Marc is exceptional at his craft, extremely dedicated, and knows how to make every event that he’s associated with look and feel extra special.”

— Joanne Hayes-White, Fire Chief San Francisco, California


Anselm Bossacoma

"I’m extremely grateful to Marc Corsi for accomplishing the impossible when the host of our event was accidentally unable to host. Marc’s immense abilities and powerful network saved the event, which took place with much success. Marc is a truly incombustible genius. He is by far the best public relations professional in the country"

— Anselm Bossacoma, Trade Commissioner to the United States Government of Catalonia


Matthew A. Rosenfeld

"Extraordinary People on Common Ground - Our team enjoyed working with Marc Corsi as Executive Producer on the CA Gubernatorial Debate 2018.  We look forward to future debates with him."

— Matthew A. Rosenfeld, Vice President/General Manager 


—  Evan Onstot, KSEE24 Anchor and Sunday Morning Matters political show host


Michael Re, President, (OFMA) Oakland Raiders

"CORSI got people talking.  The ad sold tickets.  It was the most positive buzz this organization had and provided the most added-value we've ever seen."

Paul Siri, IMG PGA Tour

"The account service from CORSI was exceptional, the campaign not only hit the mark, but featured award-winning creative."

Don Olvarado, East-West Marketing for East-West Shrine

"CORSI was part of the team that came in and got the Bay Area community involved effortlessly, nearly doubling previous year's ticket sales.  What else could anyone ask for?"

Ray Ratto, SF Examiner Sports Columnist

"The ad seems the height of incongruity. Raiders tickets are being sold as a result...Now that's advertising at its most unbelievable."

Harry Parker, CEO, DeYoung Museum

"Seamlessly and insightful...they (CORSI) achieved all in a very sophisticated and creative manner.  Impressive."

Marc Corsi


Marc Corsi is an innovative and multiple-award-winning marketing professional in the advertising and public relations arena.  

But he is much more...

His success as a talented, creative, out-of-the-box thinker has earned him a reputation for creating the extraordinary. Marc creates excitement and finds inspiration in everything he does.

Over the years,  Marc has developed strategic and tactical working relationships with a Who’s Who list of politicians, corporations, clients and philanthropy organizations. He has worked with all verticals and a wide spectrum of industries and professions. Marc’s highly sought after uniqueness and expertise has paved the way for a tremendous relationship based business. He continues to work with the best network and clients.

His love for people and his work keeps him hands-on with all of his projects.

Marc has served on board positions at Silicon Valley start-ups to advising major players in the political arena. His relationships with all verticals include the uniqueness of Advertising organizations, entertainment, political arena with Senators, Governors, Attorney Generals, Congressman, Assemblymen and Mayors etc. and have allowed him to assist in some of the most important initiatives in California and for the United States.

Marc established himself early in his career as an advertising leader earning multiple awards. He has the perspective of 30 years where he built regional, national and global campaigns and events. Empowering his team, his clients and people to be the best they can be and bring the best to the world is at the top of what motivates him to share his true love for people, his work and life. Through his companies as well as by example, he consistently sends that message.

Marc Corsi is more than just an integrated marketing and communications firm,  he also provides services for master of ceremonies, executive positions in associations, public relations, political consultant, communications, event design and a production company. 

Marc Corsi establishes a relationship with his clients. He takes their vision and turns it into reality with results. He listens and translates into extraordinary and spectacular. 

Corsi is at the center of trends – in politics, events, entertainment, social media, communications and culinary and adds a personal detail to every project. His dedication to do whatever it takes approach is why he has such a loyal following among his clients.

Marc is an educated lobbyist.  His understanding of the law, political process and his extensive network allows him to provide additional information to those who effect change and create results.   In this role, Marc is a professional advocate that influences political decisions on behalf of individuals and organizations. His advocacy leads to the proposal of new legislation, or the amendment of existing laws and regulations. 

What sets Marc apart is his elegant approach to people and life and carefully orchestrates to create the ultimate experience and result. 

What you end up with is a new standard to live by - 

from someone that makes it look easy.

Born in California. He has two wonderful children.

Interesting Highlights


For his efforts, Marc has received special industry recognition including creation of a scholarship in his name by AAF’s Ad Mark.

Marc was honored with the prestigious AAF Silver Medal Award and the Award of Excellence in Advertising. 

He has received more than 100 ADDY awards and was named the Ad Mark! California Adman of the Year. 

Marc is past Governor of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA), Northern California Council Board. 

He is a Founder of the Insurance Industry Charitable Fund

He is Co-Founder and Chairman of Edgewood’s Hope Ball.

Marc was elected Chairman of the Western Region for the American Advertising Federation (AAF), which serves 200 ad clubs and 50,000 members. He served on the Executive Committee and the National Board of Directors for AAF.

He is a past member of the Council of Governors.

Marc served as Legislative Director for the state of California in Washington D.C. for AAF.  Marc is the Legislative Director for The American Advertising Federation-Western United States. 

He represented AAF on the hill in Washington DC many times. 

He chaired the Northern California ADDY Awards for seven years, building it into one of the most successful awards events in the nation. 

Marc was the Director of Relations for Shocase social media site for marketing professionals where he assisted in the launch of the business. 

Marc was the Chief of Protocol of the winning 34th America’s Cup.

Marc serves on the Executive Committee and is a judge for The Hall of Achievement Awards. 

Marc is a Knight Hospitaller under the Order of St. John’s Jerusalem.

Marc represents the Catalonian Government to the United States. He also acts as Honorary Ambassador for the Catalonian Government.

Marc was the Executive Producer for the 2018 California Gubernatorial Debate--General Debate. 

Marc serves as Chief of Protocol for the Golden Gate Yacht Club. 

Marc is a keynote speaker on advertising, public relations and is Master of Ceremonies for a variety of events.

Marc has also raised millions of dollars for charities. He is an avid supporter of many charities through his many friends, organizations and network.  

He is an active member of clubs in the San Francisco area, enjoys participating in, creating and attending events of Football, Golf, Boating, Skiing, Swimming, Basketball, Rugby, Concours de Elegance, and much more!

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